We are a
bunch of wild imaginative storytellers that love to share their passion.

We all remember the epic scene from Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: a Space Odyssey” that shows the most significant moment of human history, where the first human learns to use an outside object for its own benefit.
One can debate, if somebody never told you the tale, would it still be epic?
Regardless which end the debate favors, one thing is clear,
A story is nothing without the storyteller.
And isn’t that what makes us who we are? All of us are nothing but a complexed bunch of stories, told to us by our forefathers and to them by their forefathers and so on. This probably is the reason that all humans regardless of race, colour or creed are always curious about the other people. We want to hear more stories, and more, and then,
Some more.
Here at Dareechay films, we are not just stories, but we happen to know the art of telling them.
we know some,
we weave some,
we twist some
we’ll create new worlds,
we’ll make you believe,
We’ll make you laugh,
We’ll make you cry,
We talk,
We whisper,
We shook your body,
We touch your soul.

We are storytellers.